Funniest man in golf to appear at Kauffman Center Aug. 10

David Feherty

by Alan Hoskins

The funniest man in golf is coming to Kansas City.

Described by the New York Times as a cross between Johnny Carson and Oprah Winfrey, David Feherty will bring his one-man show “Feherty – Live Off Air” to the Kauffman Center at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10.

“For almost two hours an audience of about 1,200 only stopped laughing when one of his stories brought them to tears of hysteria,” wrote John Feinstein in Golf Digest after watching Feherty’s recent show in Atlanta. Host of his own weekly one-hour Monday TV show on The Golf Channel and a former PGA player, Feherty also is a broadcaster and writer for NBC and just returned from the broadcast booth at this year’s British Open.

Widely known for his zany antics, he once let John Daly hit a golf ball off a tee Feherty held between his teeth while lying flat on his back.

“I’m not sure whose idea that was, probably mine,” Feherty said in an interview Monday. “People asked me if it was computer generated but it was not. I would trust John; he wasn’t going to hit it fat. He might have topped it. The hardest part was just laying still and holding the tee in my mouth upright.”

Check out Feherty’s online website and you can see several other zany stunts such as riding a bicycle into a rose bush, getting hit playing soccer and tennis, jumping into a fountain with 24 inches of water and getting lessons from Bobby Knight on the correct way to throw chairs.

“At the end of a Keegan Bradley interview I told him I’d jump in the Indian River,” Feherty said. “Unfortunately I was wearing $700 boots which died a death.

“But I’m getting too old for that. I’m about to turn 60 and I keep hurting myself. I completely destroyed my left shoulder out in the desert running after a ball thrown by Dan Patrick to start one of my live Super Bowl shows in Phoenix. Instead of taking me to the emergency room, my crack research team took me to a Mexican restaurant to see if that would fix it. I landed on the football and it blew my shoulder apart.”

The injury only worsened a shoulder previously injured in one of three mishaps when Feherty was struck by cars while riding his bicycle. As a result, he has not played golf for 11 years.

Feherty’s association with Kansas City’s Tom Watson has been well documented. Feherty was fighting a losing battle with alcoholism when he had a career changing talk during a Watson-Jack Nicklaus exhibition match at Prince Edward Island.

“He was clearly struggling, physically and emotionally,” Watson told Golf Digest. “I said, ‘I see you. I’ve been where you are. Let me help.’ “

“Tom Watson means the world to me; I don’t where I’d be without Tom Watson,” Feherty says today. “He’s my big brother. I check with him regularly. He’s having a hard time at the moment (with wife Hilary’s fight against cancer) and my son died this day a year ago and he knows that. We do our best to look after each other.”

Part of Feherty’s Golf Channel show features “Rapid Fire” questions to his guests so we turned the questions to him:

Best presidential interview – “President Clinton. Or George W. Bush. I’ve interviewed four presidents including Trump twice. All have been great.”

Favorite golf course – “Since I don’t play anymore any flat course with a Ritz-Carlton at the end. But if I have to pick one it would be St. Andrews.”

New golf rules – “I think they are a very good idea. It’s about time they were stripped down and made more simple to speed up play.”

Favorite interview – “I really like to take someone like a Jim Furyk and show who he really is, not a stiff person but a funny, warm, really good person who nobody really knows. Those are the shows I enjoy the most.”

Toughest interview – “Luke Donald. He was so polite and noncontroversial. It was just a difficult interview.”

Best win as a player (Feherty had 10 wins on the European Tour; his best finish on the U.S. PGA Tour was second at Pleasant Valley in Boston) – “I won the Italian Open, Scottish Open, Tam Open and Madrid Opens and a couple of Irish championships but the biggest I was captain of the Irish team that won the Dunhill 3-Man Championship in 1990.”

Best moment in golf – “Being a part of the Ryder Cup team that lost at Kiawah Island in 1991. I won my match with Payne Stewart on Sunday. That would be the high point of my career.”

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Feherty became a U.S. citizen in 2010 with Tom Watson as one of the witnesses.

“I’m very proud of it. It’s amazing. I wake up every morning in America and if they played the national anthem I’d stand up for it,” he said.

Countless stories are promised Aug. 10. “I tell Irish jokes, how I got into golf and broadcasting and life in golf; just me and a chicken for no reason,” said the sharp-witted Feherty.

Tickets for “Feherty – Live Off Tour” can be obtained on the Kauffman Center website –

KCKCC recognized with data quality award

Shazia Siddiqua and Chris Day, both research analysts in the Institutional Effectiveness Department at KCKCC, received the KBOR Data Quality Award in June. (KCKCC photo)

by Kelly Rogge, KCKCC

Kansas City Kansas Community College was recently recognized for excellence in data quality by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) – a recognition that would not have happen if not for two KCKCC staff members with a commitment to provide accurate and timely data.

Shazia Siddiqua and Chris Day, both research analysts in the Institutional Effectiveness Department, received the KBOR Data Quality Award in June. The award is presented each year to recognize institutions for excellence in data quality along with support of KBOR Board objectives, including longitudinal research.

The award is given based on mandatory Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System and KBOR data reports. Federal and state reports are mandatory for every educational institution in order to receive federal and state funding. In addition, institutions are penalized if they fail to provide this mandatory data in a timely manner, and funding can be revoked completely if reports are not received.

One of the major job responsibilities of the Institutional Effectiveness staff is to prepare and provide data for these mandatory reports in a timely and accurate manner.

“I feel very honored and happy for this great accomplishment. KCKCC is the recipient of this award twice now, as we won it back in 2013 as well,” Siddiqua said. “I do my best to provide the highest levels of accuracy and reliable data in a timely manner. This gives me a sense of self satisfaction and in turn it gives us an opportunity to win this and other awards/for our institution. KCKCC has received several thank you notes from IPEDS throughout the years for submitting accurate data way ahead of time of their due dates. I am thankful to all my fellow coworkers for their hard work and the support they provided to help us achieve this prestigious award.”

Day said in the minutes leading up to the award presentation, he thought KCKCC might have a chance to repeat as winners. He said the college is always near the top, so it was exciting to win the award again in recognition of the hard work the department puts in each and every day.

“All of the hard work year after year to ensure we provide high quality data makes me feel like we should win the award every year,” he said. “I am so happy for KCKCC to part of this tremendous award.”

Each year institutions are assigned ratings for each criteria by using the following process:

• Data review issues are logged throughout the year and examined prior to award deliberation
• Prior year issues are reviewed to determine improvements made
• Submission dates, including IPEDS, are reviewed for timeliness
• Security standards are reviewed
• Points for secondary criteria are assigned
• Input is sought on close contenders

Primary criteria for award includes quality of data submitted, timeliness of data submissions and improvement in quality of data submitted. Bonus points are also given for support for research, support of other board objectives and support of colleagues and staff leadership among peers.

“Accurate data is essential for data-driven decision making. Relying on complete and accurate data helps and promotes data driven culture,” Siddiqua said. “It impacts on all areas and departments not only internally but all the external stake holders. It is very important to gain credibility and trust of your students, fellow employees and all other public and private entities to build a better professional relationship.”

Day and Siddiqua said the data institutions provide is utilized on several public websites, reflecting KCKCC’s image to all students, parents and all government bodies related to higher education.

“KCKCC was honored with this award due to the IE staff’s continuous high level of dedication to work, persistence, consistency, being detail-oriented and very self-motivated along with the support of other staff members at KCKCC,” they said. “IE submits more than 30 Federal (IPEDS) and State (KBOR) reports annually. We work throughout the year very diligently to meet all the deadlines and to provide data with accuracy. It is a team effort, and the credit goes to all who are responsible for data entry, data clean up, data extraction, data formatting, data analysis and reporting.”

BPU to meet Aug. 1

The Board of Public Utilities will meet at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 1, at the BPU offices, 540 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kansas.

On the work session agenda is a board update, general manager update and economic development projects update.

The regular meeting will start at 6 p.m. Aug 1, and will include a visitors’ time, a report on a new online payment system, the second quarter financial report. board comments, general manager comments and a closed executive session.