Bryant files for district attorney

Kristiane Bryant

Kristiane Bryant, a former assistant district attorney, has announced her candidacy for Wyandotte County District Attorney.

Bryant, a Kansas City, Kansas, resident, filed Nov. 26.

In her announcement, Bryant said, “I am running for Wyandotte County District Attorney because the safety of our community is my highest priority. The prosecution of criminal cases is an incredibly important and complex piece of the justice system which requires experience and competence to ensure that the rights of Wyandotte County citizens are not compromised by the way cases are handled.”

Bryant has been a prosecuting attorney for 14 years, with more than seven years in the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s office. She currently is the trial team leader of the violent crimes unit in the Jackson County prosecutor’s office, where she manages attorneys and staff and prosecutes homicide, robbery and assault cases.

She left her position as assistant district attorney in the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s office in 2016. As deputy district attorney, she specialized in homicide cases. She prosecuted sexual assault, child abuse, robbery, battery and other felony cases as well as child in need of care and truancy cases.

Bryant also served more than three years with the criminal litigation unit of the office of the Kansas attorney general, where she handled homicide, child sexual abuse and public corruption cases throughout Kansas. She also served there as section leader of the sexually violent predator prosecution unit, where she coordinated a team of prosecutors from various jurisdictions across the state.

Bryant and her husband John Bryant, of the Bryant Law Office, are raising their three daughters in Kansas City, Kansas.

She attended the University of Kansas, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Juris Doctor degree in law. A native of Canada, she moved to Kansas in 1991 and attended Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, then went to KU. She moved to Wyandotte County after completing law school.

Bryant is active in the Kiwanis KCK-West, where she is a board member; and also in the Lancaster-Melton Peacekeepers Civitan Club, the KCK Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Wyandotte County Bar Association and Leadership 2000.

Bryant filed as a Democrat, and her campaign treasurer is Martin Cervantes Sr.

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