Dee Wallace returning to KC area for event tonight

Dee Wallace

Actor Dee Wallace, a former Kansas City, Kansas, resident who attended Wyandotte High School and was a former teacher at Washington High School, is coming home to the Greater Kansas City area tonight to attend Crypticon – KC at the KCI Expo Center.

Perhaps best-known as E.T.’s Mom in the 1982 movie, “E.T.,” Wallace has new films in the works and also has her sixth book on healing coming out soon.

Wallace also appeared in the movies “Cujo,” “The Howling” and “Critters.”

Crypticon is a family event, all about horror. The event runs from 7:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Friday, July 16, at the KCI Expo Center, 11730 N. Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri.

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UG to make temporary exception to residency rule for economic development director

UG Economic Development Director Katharine Carttar will not have to live in Wyandotte County while her husband, Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas, is in office, according to Unified Government officials.

UG Administrator Doug Bach said during the 5 p.m. UG special session on Thursday, June 24, that he was making a temporary exception for Carttar based on her situation.

He said during the past 20 years there have been several exemptions to the residency rule.

“In the case of Ms. Carttar, she wants to live in Wyandotte County. However, due to her husband’s employment, he also has a residency requirement. She has expressed her clear desire to keep her job, but also would like to live with her husband and raise their son together,” Bach said.

Bach said he thinks Lucas’s residency requirement trumps the UG’s residency requirement, and a temporary waiver of the UG residency requirement will be made while he is the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. When Lucas no longer holds the position of mayor, Bach said it is his expectation that Carttar would reside in Wyandotte County.

“I do believe this is the right thing to do for this employee,” Bach said at the meeting.

Commissioner Tom Burroughs asked about other residency situations with legal challenges.

Bach said there had been legal challenges when the UG terminated employees that did not comply with residency. He said those were all situations where there was no “ask,” and the employees decided to live somewhere else without asking the UG administration.

Misty Brown, the UG’s chief legal counsel, said none of the previous cases had challenged a request for a waiver, they just challenged a termination for violation of the residency rule.

Commissioner Burroughs said the UG has been trying to recruit public safety employees, and many times employees have spouses who live outside the community and could not move into the community. He asked how the situation with Carttar was different from that.

Bach said the difference is that Carttar was already employed with the UG, and with the birth of her son, and the situation with her spouse, who was also under a residency requirement, put her in a position of whether to leave the UG position or not live in the same household with the spouse.

Bach said there are cases where people in public safety are being recruited, with the spouse living in another community, but the difference is Carttar’s case was pre-existing employment versus someone not already employed here.

He said there are changes they might consider to the policy in the future based on reciprocity to other jurisdictions, but that was not under discussion at Thursday’s meeting.

Commissioner Burroughs said as the UG moves forward with other personnel, he hopes they don’t see an exodus of personnel to other communities. He didn’t see this as much different from other cases of residency requirements, he said. He said he had a tremendous respect for Carttar and her husband, but his responsibility was to the citizens of Wyandotte County.

Commissioner Melissa Bynum supported Bach’s decision.

“We have a professional employee who I think we could all agree is performing at a very high level,” Commissioner Bynum said. “In 2020, we were not only experiencing a pandemic, but our employee was instrumental in bringing our county to near record levels of capital investment. Historically, we have examples of allowances being made for other UG employees, and why would we ask this professional to choose between her child and husband, and a job that she performs at a high level that benefits every single one of us? That’s the question I put in front of everyone.”

She said it was a unique situation with a spouse who could not move, so there were no options on the table. The situation forced a choice between a professional choosing between her spouse and child and her job, and that was “patently unfair,” she said.

“What you’re proposing is a very narrow carve-out, and it has a finite ending to it,” Commissioner Bynum said. “It is not into perpetuity.”

Commissioner Christian Ramirez said the residency requirement has been an issue for a long time in the community.

At first, Ramirez said he was not in support of the exception, as the majority of the community supports a residency requirement. But it is a temporary exemption, with a finite end, tied to Mayor Lucas’s term as mayor, he said. Ramirez asked if it would end at one term or more.

Bach said it would be tied to Mayor Lucas’s time as mayor, and there is a two-term limit in Missouri. He said it would not apply to any other offices Mayor Lucas might hold in the future.

Ramirez said he was on the fence but he would support it because it had a finite end.

“It’s hard to find an employee like Katharine,” Ramirez said, “employees that are compassionate and passionate about the work they do in the community that they serve. It would be very hard to replace Katharine for all the work she’s done.”

Bach said this exception was made for Carttar’s unique situation, not based on her skill sets. He said this is a unique situation.

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Carjacking suspect dies after exchanging gunfire with police near 18th and Parallel

A 25-year-old male carjacking suspect died after exchanging gunfire with police officers near 18th and Parallel on Sunday.

A spokesman for the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department stated in a news release that Kansas City, Missouri, officers were trying to make a traffic stop on the suspect near Independence Avenue and Benton Boulevard at 11:30 a.m. Sunday when the suspect refused to yield, and fled.

Kansas City, Missouri, police officers pursued the suspect’s vehicle into Kansas City, Kansas, where Kansas City, Kansas, officers joined at 11:42 a.m., the spokesman stated.

At 11:47 a.m. the pursuit ended when the suspect’s vehicle crashed behind a convenience store at 18th and Parallel, according to the spokesman.

The Kansas City, Kansas, police spokesman stated that the initial investigation, including a review of footage from in-car and body cameras worn by all the officers involved, showed that the suspect exited the vehicle carrying a handgun and ran west toward 18th Street.

During a foot pursuit the suspect turned and fired at police, who returned fire, striking him, the spokesman stated. The suspect was taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

The original carjacking incident was reported shortly before noon on Thursday, June 17, near 18th and Garfield in Kansas City, Kansas. The carjacking victim told officers he was giving the suspect a ride when the suspect pulled out a handgun, placing him in fear for his life, and demanded the vehicle, the spokesman stated. The suspect then fled in the vehicle, a dark Ford Expedition with gold trim, according to the spokesman.

Questions such as how many shots were fired, if more than one officer fired, and what agencies may have been involved in the shooting have not been answered yet and could be part of the investigation being conducted by a multi-agency task force.

The multi-agency task force is made up of members of the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department, Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department and the Wyandotte County district attorney’s office, the spokesman stated.

Anyone with information or with video footage from this incident is asked to contact the TIPS hotline at 816-474-TIPS, the police spokesman stated.