Five candidates run for mayor

Five candidates are running for Unified Government mayor, and some UG Commission races also have drawn opposition.

After the candidate filing deadline passed at noon today in Wyandotte County, many incumbents have opposition.

The five candidates running for UG mayor include incumbent Mayor David Alvey, Daran Duffy, Tyrone Garner, Janice (Grant) Witt and Chris Steineger, according to the election commissioner’s candidate list.

Wyandotte County Sheriff Don Ash’s name did not appear on the list of candidates today. Three candidates, Charles Bunnell, Daniel Soptic and Celisha Towers, are running for sheriff.

Also not on the candidate list was Edwardsville Mayor John “Tiny” McTaggart.

UG Commission contests drawing interest included UG Commissioner at large, District 2, where Tom Burroughs is the incumbent. Others filing for the office included Ned Kelley, Claudine Sanders and J. Michael Tiner-Mackey.

In District 8, UG Commission, Jane W. Philbrook, incumbent, is running for re-election in a five-way contest. Also running in District 8 are Andrew Davis, Geoffrey Kump, Tscher “Cece” Manck and Diana Whittington.

In District 1, UG Commission, Gayle E. Townsend, incumbent, faces challengers Lisa Walker-Yeager and Melvin Williams.

In the 7th District, UG Commission, incumbent James F. Walters is opposed by Chuck Stites, a member of the Edwardsville City Council.

UG Commissioner Mike Kane, 5th District, had opposition from LaTorua Chinn and Eleanor Morales Clark.

The primary election will be Aug. 3, and the general election is scheduled Nov. 2.

Candidates who have filed include:

Mayor-CEO of Unified Government: David Alvey, incumbent; Daran Duffy, Tyrone Garner, Janice (Grant) Witt and Chris Steineger.

Unified Government Commission at large, District 2: Tom Burroughs, incumbent; Ned Nelley; Claudine Sanders; and J. Michael Tiner-Mackey.

Unified Government Commission, District 1: Gayle E. Townsend, incumbent; Lisa Walker-Yeager; and Melvin Williams.

Unified Government Commission, District 5: Mike Kane, incumbent; Latorua “Torrie” Chinn; and Eleanor Morales Clark.

Unified Government Commission, District 7: James F. Walters, incumbent; Chuck Stites.

Unified Government Commission, District 8: Jane W. Philbrook, incumbent; Andrew Davis; Geoffrey Kump; Tscher “Cece” Manck; and Diana Whittington.

Wyandotte County Sheriff: Charles Bunnell; Daniel Soptic; and Celisha Towers.

Board of Public Utilities, District 2: Thomas W. Groneman, incumbent; and Brian Matlock.

Board of Public Utilities, at-large Position 1: Mary Gonzales, incumbent; Mary Gerlt; and Gwendolyn Bass.

Board of Public Utilities, at-large Position 2: Ryan Eidson, incumbent; Dennis Grindel; Kimberly Weaver; Mark Gilstrap; and David Haley.

Kansas City Kansas Community College Board of Trustees: Evelyn Criswell, incumbent; Linda Hoskins Sutton, incumbent; and Brad Isnard.

USD 202, Turner Public Schools board: Joy D. Beery, incumbent; Jeff Davidson, incumbent; and Steve Russell, incumbent.

USD 203, Piper Public Schools board: John Bakarich III, incumbent; Desiree L. Fergus, incumbent; Rebecca Miller Davis; Tiffany Scheffler; Theresa Fisette; and Julian A. Wells.

USD 204, Bonner Springs-Edwardsville Public Schools board: Kimberly Beets, incumbent; William Barajas Jr., Matthew L. Birzer; Tiffany Sanders; and Jeff Tinberg.

USD 500, Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools Board of Education: Maxine Drew, incumbent; Wanda Brownlee Paige, incumbent; Rachel Henderson; Angelynn Howell; and Diosselyn Tot.

Bonner City Council, Ward 1: Cassandra Long.
Bonner City Council, Ward 2: Tom Stephens, incumbent.
Bonner City Council, Ward 3: Rodger Shannon, incumbent.
Bonner City Council, Ward 4: Christine Wood, incumbent.

Mayor of Edwardsville: Carolyn Caiharr.

Edwardsville City Council: Margaret Shriver, incumbent; Mark R. Bishop; and Sandy Millsap Moulin.

Fairfax Drainage District board: Martin L. Quinn; James Bundy Jenkins; David R. Morales; and Douglas E. Todd.

The election list and more information are online at

4 thoughts on “Five candidates run for mayor”

  1. I would take great caution about candidates stating that KCBPU’s electric rates are high. I calculated my KCBPU electric bill and calculated an 11.8 cent/kwh rate.
    According to the Kansas Corporate Commission, the average electric rate in Kansas is 12.67 cents/kwh.
    According to the Kansas Corporate Commission, the KCBPU along with the KCBPU Board is doing an effective job at keeping utility rates lower.

  2. I don’t complain about rates, I complain about the UG taxes and surcharges per month – June ‘s bill was 42.31% taxes and surcharges added after the water and electric fees.

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