How to recycle holiday trees

You can dispose of your natural holiday trees and help the environment at the same time by recycling them.

Holiday trees, wreaths and garlands are discouraged from being deposited into Kansas landfills.

Communities are offering a number of ways to recycle the holiday trees, keeping them out of landfills and creating a useful product that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as trail surfaces, erosion control, landscaping and fish habitat in lakes.

Sites that are in the Unified Government park system are accepting natural holiday trees through Jan. 30. All tinsel, lights and ornaments must be removed.

Some drop-off holiday tree recycling sites in Wyandotte County include:

• Bonner Springs — North Park, 1200 S. 134th St., Bonner Springs, Kansas, 913-422-7010
• Kansas City, Kansas — Alvey Park, 4834 Metropolitan Ave., north side of the south parking lot, Kansas City, Kansas, 913-573-8327
• Kansas City, Kansas — City Park, 2601 Park Drive, inside the park, to the right, Kansas City, Kansas, 913-573-8327
• Kansas City, Kansas — Stony Point Park, 531 N. 86th St, northeast corner of parking lot, Kansas City, Kansas, 913-573-8327
• Bonner Springs, Kansas — Wyandotte County Park at Bonner Springs, 600 N. 126th St., ball field parking area, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 913-573-8327
• Kansas City, Kansas — Missouri Organic, 1260 Alma St., Kansas City, Kansas, 816-483-0908

To see holiday tree recycling sites in other communities in the Greater Kansas City area, visit

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  1. Long ago someone made one great big tree pile at the lake. It sat in 40 -45 ft. deep water off the face of the dam and held fish for close to twenty, maybe thirty years. If one chose to run a rig of some sort over that particular location these days he may be able to sense what is left down there but alas, long story short, it doesn’t hold fish any more.

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