Incumbents doing well in advance voting, with two exceptions

For the most part, incumbents did well in the advance votes that have been reported tonight by the Wyandotte County Election Office.

Incumbent Mayor David Alvey led Tyrone Garner by 82 votes, 1,490 to 1,408, in the advance vote count.

An incumbent who were not leading her contest in the advance voting was Commissioner Jane Winkler Philbrook, who was four votes behind Andrew Davis, 236 to 240.

Ryan Eidson, incumbent Board of Public Utilities member, at large Position 2, was trailing David Haley by 976 votes, 748 to 1,714 in advance voting. Mark Gilstrap, a former state senator, got 755 votes.

There is no incumbent running for Sheriff, with the retirement of Don Ash. The top vote-getters so far in advance voting for Sheriff were Daniel Soptic, 2,163, and Celisha Towers, 1,740.

Preliminary unofficial election results, advance votes only

With 4,818 ballots cast

David Alvey, incumbent, 1,490
Daran Duffy, 207
Tyrone Garner, 1,408
Chris Steineger, 971
Janice (Grant) Witt, 710

Charles Bunnell, 719
Daniel Soptic, 2,163
Celisha Towers, 1,740

Unified Government Commissioner at large, District 2
Tom Burroughs, incumbent, 889
Claudine Sanders, 443
J. Michael Tiner-Mackey, 152

UG Commissioner, District 1
Gayle E. Townsend, incumbent, 363
Lisa Walker-Yeager, 108
Melvin Williams, 151

UG Commissioner, District 5
Latorua “Torrie” Chinn, 273
Eleanor Morales Clark, 233
Mike Kane, incumbent, 743

UG Commissioner, District 8
Andrew Davis, 240
Geoffrey Kump, 112
Tscher “Cece” Manck, 56
Jane W. Philbrook, incumbent, 236
Diana Whittington, 108

Board of Public Utilities
Member, at large Position 1
Gwendolyn Bass, 1,198
Mary Gerlt, 638
Mary Gonzales, incumbent, 2,363

BPU Member, at large Position 2
Ryan Eidson, incumbent, 748
Mark Gilstrap, 755
Dennis Grindel, 399
David Haley, 1,714
Kimberly Weaver, 699

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