KC Foodie Park proposal advances to UG Commission on Jan. 31

by Lou Braswell

The KC Foodie Park proposal moved forward with little discussion at Monday night’s Kansas City, Kansas, Planning Commission meeting.

A few simple suggestions, including adding a color stripe around the top of the building and possibly making most levels the same height in order to hide some of the mechanical equipment on the roof area, were approved.

The item took less than three minutes of discussion, and city planning commissioners voted 6-0 to send it to the Unified Government Commission Jan. 31 for consideration. A change of zone, master plan amendment, plan review and plat reviews are under consideration.

The KC Foodie Park is at the former Indian Springs Shopping Center mall site at 47th and State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. It would be the distribution and food service site for Scavuzzo’s, a food service company. The 234,716-square foot distribution and food service center would also include some office and retail buildings. Three restaurant sites along State Avenue were shown on the project plans. The project plans also included a 26-acre solar park.

In other action, a zoning change for an Xpress Mart convenience store, 3801 Leavenworth Road, also was voted to proceed to the UG Commission Jan. 31.

There were two opposing votes, mainly concerns with too much lighting, the location of the drive, and some concerns about the wall and tree barrier. That project consumed 25-30 minutes of discussion. There is one house located next to the development. An attorney and broker were present to represent the homeowner.

Also advancing to the UG Commission meeting Jan. 31 were a final plan review for a new Aldi grocery store at 1945 N. 110th St., and a final plan review for a new fire station at 2913 Hutton Road.

For a previous story about the KC Foodie Park proposal, visit http://www.wyandottedaily.com/kc-foodie-park-proposal-held-over-for-a-month/.

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