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An open letter to Donald Trump from Democratic nominee Aaron Coleman of Kansas’ 37th District on ‘Loser’ Veterans:

Mr. President, with all due respect, our veterans have been attacked enough already by this country. My dad joined the Air Force in 1995 with no goal other than to serve his country. What he did not expect was just three years later he would be getting medically discharged, left permanently disabled — and forgotten by our country. My dad has been in the hospital for the last 25 days now, and is not in great health. While you may not care about him, I do. He might just be a political prop for you, but he’s a hero to me.

At this time, I’m calling on the President to do more for our veterans, stop making excuses and using them as political props and focus on the issues that affect veterans, which are homelessness, mental health issues and medical care that they’re not receiving at this time as well as disability and social security services for their service to our country. We owe them a great deal of respect and together as Kansas legislators we can and should begin the work of honoring their service by creating policies that directly positively address and impact our community’s heroes.

Disabled veterans like my father fought for us and made sacrifices for our country, It’s about time we fight to deliver the promises we made to them.

Aaron Coleman
Kansas City, Kansas

2 thoughts on “Letter to the editor”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    God Bless your father and thank you for his service.

    I think maybe your looking at the facts wrong and are confused by fake news. Trump has fixed the VA and we have the strongest military we have ever had. The issue of returning vets was a problem long before Trump became President. If your dad is in a local VA then we are all lucky the VA is working for our veterans.

    We appreciate your fathers service. However please look at the facts rather than a headline next time.

  2. It’s alway easy to believe erroneous bits of news when it aligns with our
    views, no matter how misguided.

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