NFM to give rugs to teachers on Saturday

Nebraska Furniture Mart will hold its annual teacher rug giveaway at 8 a.m. Saturday, July 24, at 1601 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas.

The first 500 teachers will receive 5×7 area rugs on a first-come, first-served basis. Teachers must present a valid school ID. There is a limit of one. It will be an outdoor drive-through event.

A spokesman for NFM stated with all the additional challenges teachers have faced during the pandemic, this was a great opportunity to say thank you to them.

5 thoughts on “NFM to give rugs to teachers on Saturday”

  1. Where are rugs for nurses? They have the most difficult job of all.

    1. Debatable, I personally think EMTs and Paramedics have more difficult jobs than nurses, in general.

    2. Oh good lord…..wahhh. Then what about doctors, firemen, policemen and all other first responders?! Nurses have a difficult job, but not the most difficult job of all! NFM is trying to do something nice for teachers so get over it! They are the lowest paid!

    3. I had no idea your patients sat on the floor in a classroom listening to you read….

      500 teachers are getting a rug to benefit the children in their classrooms. It’s not for their personal use.

  2. Call Ray giving away free books this weekend for the school sale tax I did know that they done it back in July I’m not doing it again this is the new school year they usually do it for the week before school starts I would love to get a rug I missed out and it is other teachers also we work for KU children’s Campus project eagle a lot of teachers forward looking forward to getting a free rug everybody was going to come at one time if you guys are doing it can someone respond quickly

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