Open letter about Delta variant spread and mask mandates

An open letter from Rep. Aaron Coleman to the UG Commission concerning Delta variant community spread

Mayor Alvey, Commissioners Burroughs and Markley,

Regardless of me writing this letter, it is abundantly clear that mask mandates will return nationwide due to a large section of the population committing to never getting vaccinated. As long as these individuals are not vaccinated, the virus will be given fresh hosts to infect and given additional opportunities to mutate and spread. Before long, the virus will have mutated so much that the vaccines may no longer be effective.

So while I do admit to having thrown down my face mask for a few months after having gotten vaccinated, I will certainly agree that not wearing a mask is more comfortable than wearing one. Ultimately due to the unwillingness of my peers to join me in the vaccination efforts, I will once again don a mask upon my face inside buildings.

I strongly urge the UG Commission to enforce a mask mandate county-wide until our community has a vaccination rate exceeding 70%. To not do so is simply sheer negligence as well supported evidence has shown the damage the Delta variant is doing within Wyandotte, and will continue to do for the foreseeable future.

It is simply not enough to mandate masks, but an enforcement mechanism must be included. Those found indoors without a mask should be penalized monetarily with a municipal civil fine. Such funds collected with this enforcement mechanism should be used to pay people to get vaccinated.

At the end of the day, we will never return to normal life until our population is vaccinated. Face masks are simply the way to limit viral spread until such a time when herd immunity is established with vaccination efforts.

I hope you will take the action desperately needed to preserve as many human lives as possible through this pandemic.

Rep. Aaron Coleman, Kansas House, 37th District

7 thoughts on “Open letter about Delta variant spread and mask mandates”

  1. Speak for yourself. We know the risk we should be able to CHOOSE to wear one or not. Not be told to wear one.

    1. Get vaccinated and this would have all gone away. Masks save lives and by not being vaccinated or wearing a mask you put not only your family at risk but your community. It’s time to start caring for others. This was staring for indoors where the air is recycled. A lot of counties are going to mask mandates. We had them before and despite this letter they will happen again. It may even get to be “locked down” agin which no one enjoyed. I have a co worker who didn’t get vaccinated and now has covid. My sister in law is currently in the hospital with covid because her city didn’t have a mask ? mandate.

      1. The shot doesn’t work people is still getting Covid with the shot. I’m not a guinea pig or a sheepeople. Nobody knows the long term effects of the shot. It’s governmental control and overreach. Take that shot all you want and often.

  2. Well, stupidity or stubbornness will get a lot of people sick for no reason. Put the stupid mask on folks. And get the shot, at least protect others even if you don’t care about yourself.

    1. I don’t want anyone to get the shot for me. If you choose to get it, I hope it’s your decision and it’s what you want to do for yourself. We should each take care of ourselves….just my opinion.

  3. The one issue with this pandemic is that sick people numbers are going up in the summertime. Who thinks this will get better during the cooler/colds months of the year? One could compare getting a vaccination for the virus to an equivalent like putting fertilizer/weed killer on the lawn, putting a flea collar on a pet or applying aftershave after a shave – it just makes things better. I do understand some have reasons for not getting the shots like a previous military trauma, a belief of using fetuses for research {Johnson & Johnson – again, no proof} or just plain scared of needles {like some old hispanic buddies} – again understandable and good luck if you choose to do without. If you must know the truth I’m feeling my shots may last me another 25 years.

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