Ramirez running for UG Commission, 3rd District

Christian A. Ramirez (Staff photo)

Christian A. Ramirez, a lifelong resident, is running for the 3rd District, Unified Government Commission position.

Ramirez has been active in politics as treasurer of the Wyandotte County Democratic Party and the Kansas Young Democrats. He also was the volunteer coordinator and finance assistant for Brent Welder’s campaign for U.S. representative, 3rd District.

In the Aug. 6 primary for the UG Commission, 3rd District, Ramirez will face incumbent Commissioner Ann Murguia and candidate Mary V. Gerlt.

In his campaign statement, Ramirez cited a need for a sense of community in the 3rd District.

“This district has seen an abundant amount of economic development that it has desperately needed,” Ramirez said in his campaign statement. “Unfortunately, building and developing a sense of community has been put to the back burner to achieve these goals. The passion and activism of our community has been stamped out throughout the years. It is time we reignite the voices in our community and reclaim that passion and activism to create a community for everyone!”

For the last four years, Ramirez has been working for the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District in the Out-of-School Time Programs. Within those fours years, he has worked from a lead teacher to an assistant site administrator. As an assistant site administrator, he has a large role in planning a program that challenges students to learn the social-emotional skills they will need in the future. Ramirez stated he is dedicated to ensuring every child has an opportunity to enjoy high quality after-school programming.

Ramirez said that as a staff member of a congressional campaign, he learned how to effectively reach out to a constituency and efficiently raise the funds needed for a campaign. By working with the field director, he helped increase the voter turnout in Wyandotte County in the 2018 primary election.

Besides his work with the local and state party, Ramirez also was chosen to serve as a legislative intern for State Sen. Pat Pettey in the 2017 legislative session.

He stated he is running on the issues of transparency and communication, fiscal constraint and responsibility, and reduction in violence.

“I’m running because our county is in dire need of new a perspective,” Ramirez said in a statement. “We need to exercise fiscal responsibility and constraint when it comes to our budget. Our budget is about to have $19.5 million budget deficit from 2020-2024. That is unacceptable! If elected, I will work with all the commissioners and county administration to find a sustainable solution to our budget problems.

“Over the past few months, violence in our communities has risen. As a county and a community, we need to make it a priority to reduce the rate of violence in Wyandotte County. I want to work with all stakeholders to find solutions that will keep our community safe. One killing is already enough! So please join me in creating this movement and bringing a new breath of fresh air to our county government!”

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