Stormwater fees on tonight’s UG Commission agenda

The Unified Government Commission is scheduled to discuss two stormwater fee proposals at the 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 2, meeting.

One of the proposals would include one fee for residents and five tiers for nonresidential customers. The second proposal would be calculated individually based on the square footage of hard surfaces of the property, such as parking lots, sidewalks and driveways.

The UG’s public works department held a question-and-answer Zoom session on the stormwater fees on Tuesday. It is online at More information about stormwater fees is at

Several other items are on the 7 p.m. agenda, including the demolition of a historic Kansas City, Kansas, landmark, the Seventh Street Methodist Episcopal Church South, at 7th and State. Slated for development at the location is the downtown campus of Kansas City Kansas Community College.

A public hearing is scheduled on industrial revenue bonds of up to $48 million for the Hudson Apartments project at 3600 Rainbow Blvd.

Also, the commission will consider a resolution to extend the state of the local health emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic for Wyandotte County through April 1. This would allow the community to receive federal grants for the efforts it makes to prevent the spread of the virus and improve community health, according to the agenda.

Also on the 7 p.m. agenda Dec. 2:

  • Approval to file an application with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for a loan under the Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund Act.
  • Labor agreement with the Plumbers Local Union No. 8.
  • Labor agreement with the AFSCME.
  • Labor agreement with the Painters District Council No. 3.
  • An addition of a holiday, Juneteenth, to the UG’s 2022 holiday schedule.
  • 4732 State Ave., change of zone from planned limited business district to planned general business district to add a fuel island for a gas station and convenience store rebuild.
  • 13310 Leavenworth Road, change of zone from county agriculture to single family district for a single-family residential lot.
  • 3600 Rainbow Blvd., change of zone from planned apartment district to planned high-rise apartment district for a 228-unit apartment building, Hudson Apartments.
  • 449 N. 86th St., change of zone from single family district to agriculture district for accessory structures and farming activity.
  • 2211 N. 13th St., change of zone from nonretail business district to two-family district for single-family residence.
  • 731 Tenny Ave., change of zone from single-family district to two-family district to bring existing nonconforming duplex into compliance.
  • 1315 N. 86th St., special use permit for two horses on residential property.
  • 626 N. 47th St., rezoning property from planned light industrial and industrial park , planned limited business and single-family districts to planned general industrial district.
  • 2948 S. 65th St., rezoning property from single-family district to agriculture district.
  • 3726 N. 47th Terrace, rezoning property from single-family district to agriculture district.
  • 2332 S. 14th St., rezoning property from single-family district to planned nonretail business district.
  • 1625 S. 86th St., rezoning from planned light industrial and industrial park and agriculture districts to planned heavy industrial district.
  • 218 N. 12th St., rezoning property from single-family district to two-family district.
  • 614 Reynolds Ave., special use permit for live entertainment in a drinking establishment and neighborhood bar.
  • 4138 Lloyd Ave., special use permit for a short-term rental.
  • 4001 N. 74th St., home occupation special use permit for a dog day care and boarding facility.
  • 230 S. 65th St., special use permit to operate a skateboard park and skate school.
  • Amendments to the Kansas City, Kansas, Landmarks Ordinance.
  • Resolution authorizing a cooperative agreement among Bonner Springs, Edwardsville and the UG establishing the UG communications center as the public safety answering point and creating an advisory committee.
  • Resolution stating that the Armourdale Industrial Pump Station project is necessary and authorizing a survey of land for the project.
  • Agreement between the UG and Credit and Homeownership Empowerment Services to support the Bank On program, promoting access to banking accounts.
  • Resolution approving agreement to release and assign the UG’s opioid litigation claims to the Kansas attorney general.
  • Nomination of Chandra Ward to the Kansas City, Kansas, Housing Authority, submitted by Commissioner Angela Markley.
  • Proclamation recognizing John “Tiny” McTaggart’s 30-plus years of public service, community leadership and civic involvement with the city of Edwardsville, Wyandotte County, the metropolitan region and state of Kansas.

The 5 p.m. meeting Dec. 2 will be a closed executive session on litigation.

The 7 p.m. meeting will be on Zoom at

The passcode is 533582.

The meeting will be accessible by phone, toll free, 888-475-4499 or 877-853-5257.
The webinar ID is 839 0252 9203.

The public also may watch the meeting from the City Hall lobby.

The meeting also is expected to be shown on UGTV cable television and on Youtube.

One thought on “Stormwater fees on tonight’s UG Commission agenda”

  1. Historic buildings in Wyandotte County have been systematically demolished by ungrateful people who want to remove all the history of the people that lived here and worked here. Our historic buildings are our history and our history included people of faith. This is what makes this act of destroying this church another wiping away of our history. Now we will experience more taxation against our Senior Citizens Widows Widower’s and Elderly who have limited income.

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