Wyandotte County major acquitted of charges

Major Andrew Carver of the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office was acquitted of official misconduct and interference, which are misdemeanor charges, in Wyandotte County District Court.

Major Carver had been charged with the two misdemeanors in January 2021 in connection with a case involving a Unified Government vehicle assigned to the Sheriff’s Office and allegedly involved in a hit-and-run case. Two other law enforcement officers also were charged with misdemeanors in the case.

James Spies, attorney for Major Carver, said that on Oct. 1 there was a hearing in which the state tried to move the case to a different date, which was denied. At the hearing, the state announced it was dismissing the interference charge against Carver, but proceeding on the misconduct charge.

The trial was held Monday and Tuesday, and after the state rested its case around midday on Tuesday, Spies moved for a judgment of acquittal, he said. The motion was made on the basis that the state had failed to prove its case, he said.

The motion was granted by Judge Aaron Roberts, who agreed there was not enough evidence to go forward, Spies said. Spies did not have to present a defense.

According to Spies, sometimes there is a lot of attention from the district attorney when officers are charged, but people don’t always hear about it when the officers are acquitted.